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Cape Cod Landscapes: The Art of Seeing Creatively w/ Mark Bowie

  • Cape Cod Art Center 3480 Route 6A Barnstable, Ma. United States (map)

Photographically, what makes Cape Cod landscapes so special, is how light interacts with this convergence of land and sea. Learning to see the possibilities and then translate them into images can elevate our picture-taking from the commonplace to the artistic. Professional landscape photographer and night shooting expert Mark Bowie will lead this power-packed workshop to explore the Cape from pre-dawn to deep night, visiting some of its finest scenery: the ocean, beaches, dunes, coastal waterways, lighthouses and fishing villages. He’ll cover in-depth the fine art of seeing, offering innovative strategies, tips and techniques for looking deeper, refining your personal vision to creative images with feeling, that come from the heart.

We will typically shoot for several hours around sunrise and sunset each day, and other times as favorable lighting conditions present themselves. We’ll also photograph the moody blues of twilight and the Cape’s magnificent night sky. The landscape, so varied and photogenic in daylight, becomes ever-more mysterious and enchanting at night. Our schedule and selection of shooting locations will remain flexible to take best advantage of the weather and lighting conditions.