Josh fitzmaurice : slyk shades

These custom designed wooden sunglasses feature a hand-engraved inspirational message. The glasses have polarized lenses and comfort hinges. With every pair sold, a tree is planted through Josh’s partnership with One Tree Planted and proceeds from every sale also benefit children's mental health through the Cape Cod organization, Calmer Choice.

Artist statement: “Your biggest struggles in life can open up the biggest opportunities. Beginning in January 2017, I became chronically ill after my nervous system was damaged by a prescribed medication. I was too ill to continue my job as an accountant and had to move back home with my mom to begin my road to recovery. My life became a constant battle to keep a positive mindset and never give up hope that I would get better. I knew I had to find a healthy distraction to keep my mind busy and that’s when I had the idea to try to learn fashion design, something I had always been interested in. After many YouTube tutorials, I created my first tech packs and brought some of my designs to life. After showing some family and friends, the feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive. This was the turning point where I decided to take my traumatic experience and transform it into something amazing. Having a creative outlet and a sense of purpose brought my recovery to a whole new level and SLYK began to take shape.”





May 10 - 12
May 17 - 19
June 10 -16
July 1 - 7