Town of Barnstable Hyannis HyArts Shanty Application

Each year, the first application review date for the upcoming season is November 1. After this date, applications WILL CONTINUE TO BE ACCEPTED ON A ROLLING BASIS until all spots are filled. Applicants who submit by the first application review date and are accepted get placed for program dates. This is the advantage of applying by November 1.
Artists who submit by this date will be notified no later than December 31st of each year.

There is a rolling application/jury process for any remaining openings and artists are encouraged to always submit an application to be considered for the current season as most often not all spots are filled during the first review.

Artists will always receive confirmation application has been received and should expect to be notified of either in person jury date or a decision within 8 weeks of submitting an application.

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For complete list of program dates and hours visit https://www.artsbarnstable.com/apply-shanties
You may list and share a shanty with a specific artist but you all must apply separately and be accepted. If you would like to share but don’t have someone to share with, you may request to be matched with another artist. There are no guarantee this request can be met.